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As outlined in an article in the Irish Times recently, according to the Vermin control experts Rentokil and Drain clearance company Dyno-rod… Rodent infestations are on the increase, particularly in domestic households.

How do you know if you have mice or rats..? evidence of droppings… mice droppings are the size of black rice grains… rat droppings are considerably larger (about 3xtimes in size) Rats in urban areas get into houses via drains and sewers or via broken pipes, mice tend to get in through any access holes or gaps in the structure of the house, walls etc. Dyno-Rod state that “rats are the root of approx. 40 per cent of the firm’s drain blockage call outs..”

To avoid having such vermin infestations, Pentony Property Maintenance advise Landlords to have “rat-flaps” installed on the drains in their rented property to prevent access from public sewers.

Also Tenants must manage food waste effectively, keep bins away from the house and doorways and keep doors shut. NEVER throw waste food items or grease down domestic drains as this is an invitation to rats and if you have Contractors installing items in your property such as Alarms, Tv Cables/networks, Gas services, domestic appliance installations etc, ensure that any access holes/points in exterior walls are filled in to prevent access points. It is advised also that terraced houses should have install dividing barriers in attic spaces to prevent vermin travelling from one property to another.

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